Physical and Digital Asset Management Solutions

Finding a place to store a large collection of digital media can be extremely difficult. V9-Digital’s asset management solutions can ease the burden.

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Archiving and storage

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The largest challenge when dealing with digital asset management is the sheer amount of storage required by large archive collections. V9-Digital offers comprehensive solutions for physical storage of both legacy content and digital media. Schools, corporations, historical societies and other institutions often deal with hundreds of thousands of film reels and tapes. When digitally transferred this material becomes terabytes and petabytes of digital information. For physical and digital media alike, the same challenges are the same: where do I store it, how do I store it, and is it safe? V9-Digital has the answers. We offer physical and digital asset management solutions for the effective organization and maintenance of your complete media collection.


Physical storage solutions

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When it comes to storing your tape collections, how and where you choose to do it will play a critical role in the longevity of your collection. Each day, dust, dirt, debris and chemical leeching cause your media to break down, and once it's gone, you can't get it back. Our clean, secure, climate-controlled facilities are optimally set and maintained to prevent decay, preserving your legacy formats for decades to come.

Tired of how much space your media collection takes up? V9-Digital offers asset management solutions to save you money and space, while providing the assurance that your media is cared for by knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the field.


Digital asset management solutions

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V9-Digital offers digital asset management solutions to keep your media safe and readily accessible. Our Harmonic MediaGrid server offers the latest in digital storage and management technology. Optimized for media workflows, this scale-out shared storage system delivers the performance of a Storage Area Network (SAN) with the simplicity of Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Simple to deploy and highly scalable, MediaGrid solutions integrate with hundreds of enterprise-wide media tools and are ideal for applications requiring shared, real-time storage. These shard storage spaces include types such as edit-in-place, collaborative editing, transcoding, video-on-demand, and Over-the-top (OTT) adaptive bitrate streaming. We also offer archival options such as Linear Tape-Open (LTO), Sony optical disc, hard drives and cloud storage. With numerous delivery, storage and retrieval options, our professional team here at V9-Digital will work with you to engineer a custom solution tailored to fit your needs.

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