Direct to DVD Digital Transfer Service


Direct to DVD Digital Transfer Service

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What You Get with Our Direct to DVD Digital Transfer Service

 Transferring your home movies is easy with V9 Digital Home Video.

  • We transfer your VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Hi-8, Digital 8 and MiniDV to DVD and thumb (USB) drive (Optional: $7.95).

  • Up to 2 hours of video can be put onto each DVD. One tape per transfer. Tapes longer than 2 hours are charged as an additional order. You will be contacted before any additional charges are billed.

  • Your original materials are returned to you with your order.

  • We do not edit out blank footage. It's simply a straight format conversion from videotape to a DVD. We encourage you to number the tapes in the order you would like them transferred and provide a title for each. Use this worksheet to help you.

  • Pack your tapes into a sturdy small box and enclose order form. We recommend using a method with tracking. The US Postal Service provides free boxes for Priority Mail that work very well. Or, if you prefer, you may use UPS. For more information, please refer to our FAQ Page.

  • Current average turnaround:
    Mid-size volumes: 4-8 weeks
    Smaller volumes: 2-4 weeks
    Large volumes: 8-12+ weeks

Length of Source Tape:
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