Video Digitization

The Digitization of videotapes is important in maintaining the legacy of your organization. V9-Digital has the expertise and equipment to do it right.

When your videotapes begin to age and fall apart, what’s the proper way to preserve and keep these cherished memories for years to come?


When you make the decision to digitize your tape collection, you are investing in the long-term protection of your assets. V9-Digital offers restoration and digital upconversion of tape assets, including the conversion of SD tape assets to 4K. All transfers are monitored and stored on the V9-Digital's servers and downloaded to your choice for preservation on many forms of storage that can be easily accessed with just a click. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, if you're still storing it on tape, we can digitize it.

Videotape was once the worldwide standard for video content. But given the tendency to degrade over time, they’re now a liability. The wide variety of tape formats and standards generated throughout the years presents a further challenge. Luckily, V9-Digital’s experience spans the age of videotape and the industry’s progression to digital file systems. Tapeless and file based production workflows have now fully made the videotape obsolete. Now is the time to get all of your material on a file-based workflow, before irreparable damage to the tapes occurs. 

Beyond just protecting tapes from inevitable degradation, video digitization allows cataloging and uploading to a searchable digital library. V9-Digital creates an archive or preservation master and a proxy file for easy retrieval of your content. A preservation master is essentially an uncompressed file that can be played in whichever editing platform that your company uses including your choice of codecs.

With V9-Digital, each asset undergoes a rigorous quality control process. Upon landing in our library, each asset is thoroughly inspected. Each tape then enters our videotape cleansing system, which makes it easier for playback and digital transfer. This includes removing multiple types of harmful material that tends to accrete on the surface of tapes over time, all before video digitization itself occurs.  


Hundreds of millions of hours of content need to be preserved, and the severity of the need is growing larger by the day. The deterioration tape and film assets endure with each day endangers countless hours of precious video content, in some cases irreplaceable cultural artifacts. Some vintage assets are only a viewing or two from being destroyed permanently.


The best way to guarantee your media collection lasts for generations is to digitize it now. Let V9-Digital engineer a custom preservation solution for you today to ensure your video legacy is preserved. Call V9-Digital to discuss your videotape digitization needs and we will be happy to discuss a custom solution for your format.